Skills Gap and Target Audience Profiling

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Prepare to profile learners by starting with a basic skills audit to determine the level of skills and knowledge of the workforce. Data gathering is the series of discrete events, observation, that can be done by basic questionnaires.

Profile learners ideally, a target audience profile should give details about learners that can be used for the entire training and development process. When you profile learners, you must make sure that the data you collect is valid, relevant, and cover the full scope of the project.

The report covers the full scope of the project such that all key information required is presented in the report. The details cover the skills gaps and the target audience profile, including demographics, socio-economic status, age, language, literacy levels, qualifications, previous experience with different learning media, preferred learning styles, levels of experience, levels of motivation, special needs, and barriers to learning. Once you have analysed the information, you will want to present it in such a way that everyone understands the information, data are presented in tables and graphs.

What you will learn in this course!

  • Preparing for information gathering.
  • Gathering information on learners.
  • Carrying out a basic skills audit.
  • Compiling a report on the target audience and skills gaps.

Who this course is for?

This will be useful for training coordinators, trainers, facilitators, or anyone responsible for identifying skills gaps and developing target audience profiles to inform learning interventions and/or learning design. This will also be useful for those who provide guidance and advice to learners about their learning, assessment, and recognition opportunities. The target audience profile will be developed using basic data collection methods and a basic research process.


  • Outcomes
    • Prepare to profile learners and carry out a basic skill audit.
    • Profile learners
    • Carry out a basic skill audit.
    • Compile a report on the target audience profile and skills gaps.



  • Outcome
    • Prepare to profile learners and carry out a basic skills audit.
  • Introduction To Skills Audit
  • Gather Data
  • Basic questionnaires



  • Outcome
    • Profile learners.
  • Introduction
  • Record Information



  • Outcome
    • Carry out a basic skills audit.
  • Administering The Questionnaire
  • Ethics



  • Outcome
    • Compile a report on the target audience profile and skills gaps.
  • Analysing And Interpreting Results
  • Graphical Representation of Data
  • Graphing data


Multiple Choice Assessment


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