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At Ed-U College (Port Elizabeth) NPC our main purpose in Primary School Education is to assist learners in mastering the basic knowledge and skills that they will need to successfully complete their secondary and tertiary education. Learners are taught to think critically and develop citizenship and basic humanitarian values through the 17 UN Goals. The School’s Hybrid Education Model fosters self-discipline and thorough mastering of studying skills. Ed-U College (Port Elizabeth) NPC provides a safe and orderly environment to learners where there is room for self-development and the building of self-trust. 

We strive to stay ahead of the technological advancements and ensure that Information Technology is incorporated into our curriculum across all subjects. Ed-U College (Port Elizabeth) NPC provides quality education on a global educational level with fully qualified, SACE registered teachers, which is vital to the successful completion of every young learners’ schooling career.

Start of Classes in 2023: January 2023


If you’re interested in enrolling your child at Ed-U College Pre-Primary or Primary School, or would like to find out more, please contact us. Call us on 041 450 2550, WhatsApp us on 060 395 0525 e-mail

Why you can trust us with your child’s education:

  • Average pass rate is 98% for past 27 years.
  • We use a CAPS aligned curriculum
  • There are small classes for personalised attention
  • We are registered with the Department of Education
  • Safety and security is a priority in our school
  • There is a strong focus on early childhood development
  • We have a Creative Mind Stimulation approach to learning
  • Music is offered and delivered with the passion it deserves
  • Aftercare facilities are available for all our learners
  • Our Arts Academy provides learners with the unique opportunity to develop their talents or acquire new skills in:
    • Music
    • Dramatic Arts
    • Dance
  • Our Grade12 ‘s achieved above national average pass rates
  • We’re a Microsoft Partner School encouraging IT development
  • There are monthly payment structures to ease your budget
  • We are conveniently situated in the heart of Port Elizabeth
  • Diversity is promoted and individuality celebrated
  • We build learner confidence in all our activities
  • There is a “family” environment in our school
  • A range of extra mural activities


(Grade 1 - 3)

Literacy: English Home Language
Literacy: Afrikaans First Additional Language
Literacy: isiXhosa First Additional Language
Life Skills

(Grade 4 - Grade 6)

Economics and Management Sciences
Literacy: English Home Language
Literacy: isiXhosa First Additional Language
Literacy: Afrikaans First Additional Language
Life Skills
Natural Sciences and Technology
Social Sciences

(Grade 7)

Creative Arts: Music and Drama
Economics and Management Sciences
Life Orientation
Literacy: English Home Language
Literacy: isiXhosa First Additional Language
Literacy: Afrikaans First Additional Language
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences


Ball skills
Arts and crafts
Knitting and crocheting
Drawing classes
Dance classes
Computer coding classes
Spelling Bee
Educational outings once a term


Ball skills


African drums
Orchestral instruments


  • Ed-U College (Port Elizabeth) Staff, Rushdien Lagardien and Roxanne Stark were awarded as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert’s.
  • Ed-U College (Port Elizabeth) Primary School became a partner school with Microsoft.
  • Ed-U College (PE) Primary School Spelling Bee learner, Lathitha Msutu made the final round and came in second place.
  • Ed-U College (PE) Primary School became a Microsoft Imagine Academy.
  • Ed-U College (PE) Primary School U11 and U13 Soccer teams.
  • Mbali Nguta: 100% for Annual National Assessments.
  • Academic: 92 % Pass rate.
  • Staff :  Four educators are currently studying through UNISA.
  • Extramural: The soccer teams are improving each year and our u/13 soccer team lost only 1 match this year.
  • Social: We have a good relationship with the Public library across the road and the different grades had the opportunity to have lessons there.
  • Student / Parent relations: We held a Mr and Miss Ed-U College; it was a great success and was well attended by the parents.
  • UMALUSI : Confirmed Candidates
  • ISO SABS 9001:2008 Certified
  • Outstanding School fees: The monthly amount outstanding has been reduced drastically in 2012.
  • New Building: In January of this year the Primary School moved into 12 Govan Mbeki.  The classrooms are bigger and better suited to teaching with better bathroom facilities. The building is quieter due to the carpets in the classrooms, a fact which the teachers really appreciate.
  • With the employment of a security guard, the access to the building is better controlled and it makes this new venue much safer and the theft rate in the school has gone down drastically and is nearly non- existent.
  • We are proud of the fact that our student numbers have increased from 168 to 201 this year.  This shows the parents trust in the teachers as a result of our good results at the end of last year. We had such a huge influx of grade one learners that it was required to split the class into 2 groups; it is the first time in the history of Ed-U-College
  • KFC: The grade 3 teacher negotiated with KFC for ice-cream vouchers for all the learners in the school. These will be handed out during assemblies every Friday to the learners who had a birthday that week.
  • Recycling: joined the “Groenspoor” Schools project in October and came 5th overall for the year 2011.
  • Academic : 99% Pass rate.
  • The soccer team played their first matches against other schools and won all of them.
  • Pedestrian Crossing : As we are located closer to the play area and have to cross the road to the play area we requested and got a pedestrian crossing be put in place to make crossing the road safer and easier.
  • ISO : The ISO went well and the Primary School only had one non-conformance that has to be rectified.
  • Deputy Principal : In the absence of the Principal Mrs CE Feyt, E Feyt has been promoted to Acting Principal
  • Music Concert : The concert given by the individual music learners in conjunction with our parents evening was a huge success.  The parents enjoyed it and there has been a renewed interest in individual music lessons.  The number of students taking part in these lessons have almost doubled.
  • Academic : 100% Pass rate
  • Sport : Entered Netball league for the first time and sailing introduced.
  • Computer Lab completed and fitted out enabling training for learners and staff access to Internet and e-mail facilities.
  • Nuffic – all teachers on platform to communicate with schools internationally.  Miss Feyt visited schools in the U.K.
  • Participated in mini cricket tournament.
  • 30 Learners underwent environmental swimming training