In 2018 we opened the on-campus Aftercare facility for our learners that accommodates Grade R’s to Grade 9’s. We have had huge success with the Aftercare and encourage all parents to consider making use of the services we offer. Learners come into Aftercare after school and are collected no later than 5pm every school day.

Our Aftercare is managed by our teaching and support staff. The fact that teachers are available at the Aftercare every day, means your child will get academic support in subject areas they need help with, or make use of this support for those who wish to achieve academic excellence.

We make sure that the learners complete their homework and get the assistance they need, and in that way parents can free up their evenings to spend quality time with their children. It is of course important that parents still keep a keen eye on their child’s development, but Aftercare will eliminate the stress of getting the work done in the evenings and leave you with more family time.

Aftercare is not just about learning. We make a point of including social activities and games that allow the learners to have fun-filled afternoons interacting with their peers.

Fees are carefully calculated to make Aftercare affordable for families. We would rather the children be safe with us than at risk. Call us now for more information or click here to complete our online enquiry form and we’ll call you.