Quality education for all at Ed-U College

Teaching and learning is one of the top priorities at Ed-U College explains Executive Principal, Malanie Ferreira. This comes after two new employees were appointed at the school to ensure that classes run effectively and teaching methods are up to standard.

“An academic deputy head along with a discipline deputy head have been appointed. They are constantly monitoring our classrooms and ensuring that learners receive quality teaching time,” said Ferreira.

The topic of interest comes after “Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, said that her department would closely monitor why South African teachers spent less time teaching compared to other countries,” reported Eye Witness News. According to survey information published in Eye Witness News, they found that the country’s teachers only spend 66% of classroom time teaching as opposed to an international average of 78%.

This is not the case at Ed-U College. Two hours per week are scheduled for compulsory reading. “I control all of our exam sessions ensuring more learning time,” said Ferreira. Sports and cultural activities are also compulsory at the school enabling learners to reach their full potential.

The school has a fully accessible computer lab for learners. Ferreira explains that the lab is open in the mornings for digital learning and also open in the afternoons. “We also have access to Microsoft Sport South Africa and Coding.”

Ferreira confirms that this will improve learner involvement in the school and ensure that academic time frames are met.

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