We are Global

Unleashing your full potential through education is a top priority at E-Square Education. The one stop shop for education and the start of your dreams, unleashing endless growth for your future.

A global education institute on your doorstep.

E-Square Education shares the vision of the 5.0 Global Entrepreneurs institute and are embracing the 17 sustainable Development goals of the United Nations. The institute is also proud to celebrate their new international online Company called E cube.

“Our Alumni excel internationally be it successful entrepreneurs in South Africa or high ranking positions in government or private sector, or international opera singers in the Metropolitan in New York, soccer players in Belgium, choristers in Vienna or boxers who participated in the 2012 London Olympics,” said founder and CEO Lilian Niemann.

Reaching international heights is possible at E-Square Education. “Bursaries and half bursaries, for excellence in academic, music and sport contributed to the value added to E-Square Education for learners and students. More than 35 million rand was donated to deserving learners and students over the past 25 years.

Come and join our future orientated E-Square Education Institute with its infinite possibilities to learn, be free and become the best version of yourself. As part of our gratitude we will host an E-Factor Talent Show as well as an Alumni Red Carpet Gala awards ceremony in October.

E-Square is high on life.

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