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Training is concerned with helping people to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to do the work for which they are employed or to prepare them for future activities. Training must create changed behaviour. Keeping the Outcomes-Based approaches to learning in mind identify individual learning needs and conduct a training needs analysis and see that it fits with the needs of the stakeholders. Structure the learning plan and arrange the learning environment.

Start facilitating the learning by advising the learner and create a positive learning environment and end with assessments. It is also important to evaluate the learning and the facilitation. You will be required to report to the stakeholders of the progress of the learners. When you review the training, the review will reveal strengths and weaknesses of the planning, preparation, implementation, and feedback components of the training.

Once all the stakeholders have been consulted, report on the success or failure of the training program, making recommendations to improve the program as well as the planning and delivering of training in general.

What you will learn in this course!

  • Plan and prepare for facilitation.
  • Facilitate learning.
  • Evaluate learning and facilitation.

Who this course is for?

This will provide recognition for those who facilitate or intend to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies. Formal recognition will enhance their employability and provide a means to identify competent learning facilitators.


  • Outcomes
    • Plan and prepare for facilitation.
    • Facilitate learning.
    • Evaluate learning and facilitation.



  • Outcome
    • Plan and prepare for facilitation.
  • Introduction
  • Outcomes-based approaches to learning
  • Aims, principles and objectives of the NQF
  • Skills development
  • Changes to the NQF landscape
  • Identify individual learning needs.
  • Conduct a training needs analysis.
  • Cater for the needs of stakeholders.
  • Different learning styles.
  • Learning styles in the classroom.
  • The structure of the learning plan.
  • Arrange the learning environment.
  • Confirm review criteria.



  • Outcome
    • Facilitate learning.
  • Facilitation
  • Advise Learner
  • Create A Positive Learning Environment
  • Helpful hints for trainers
  • Training Methods
  • Create A Positive Learning Environment Page
  • The Facilitation Process in Action
  • Assessments



  • Outcome
    • Evaluate learning and facilitation.
  • Needs Assessment to Evaluation
  • Reporting
  • Review The Training
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Make Recommendations


Multiple Choice Assessment


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