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Prepare Early Childhood Development programmes with support. You have three areas of focus: First you will analyse the context in order that your learning programme is specific, relevant, and appropriate. Second you will use your analysis to plan a daily and the weekly programme based on your analysis. Third you will reflect on your programmes and, where necessary, make any adjustments to perfect the programmes.

Remember ? the process is an important one: analyse, plan, reflect. It is a life-skill, and you can use it in your daily living. You will also develop three invaluable life skills: analytical/critical thinking, creativity, and reflection

What you will learn in this course!

  • Analysing the context.
  • Preparing a programme.
  • Reflecting on the programme.

Who this course is for?

This Unit Standard is for people who wish to enter or obtain recognition at an entry level of Early Childhood Development (ECD).


  • Outcomes
    • Analyse the context.
    • Prepare a programme.
    • Reflect on the programme.



  • Outcome
    • Analyse the context.
  • The analysis identifies the key factors that could have an impact on the programme.
  • The analysis clearly identifies the developmental stages and particular needs of all the children within the given context.
  • The analysis is informed by Early Childhood Development (ECD)-related frameworks.
  • The analysis is sufficient in scope and depth to inform the development of the programme.



  • Outcome
    • Prepare a programme.
  • The programme sufficiently addresses the developmental stages and particular needs of the children as revealed by the analysis.
  • The programme provides flexible options for implementation.
  • The programme specifies the sequence, timing, and main resource requirements of the planned activities, including opportunities for assessment.
  • The programme provides a balance of developmentally appropriate activities to support the development of all the children.
  • The programme provides a balance between indoor and outdoor activities.
  • The programme can be implemented in the given context and within available resources.
  • The programme complies with relevant national policies and guidelines.



  • Outcome
    • Reflect on the programme.
  • Feedback is obtained from relevant sources on the value and success of the programme.
  • Reflections identify strengths and weaknesses of the programme.
  • The reflection identifies the extent to which the programme contributes meaningfully to the overall aims of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) service.
  • Ways to improve upon the programme are identified and noted for future and programmes.


Multiple Choice Assessment


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