Diploma: Information Technology: Technical

The programme aims to equip qualifying learners with the knowledge and practical skills required to perform effectively in an Information Technology role as well as with an appropriate knowledge base as preparation for further learning.

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Qualification – Diploma: Information Technology: Technical

Learning Programme ID 61692

Field 10 – Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences

Who should enroll on this Diploma: Information Technology: Technical course?

The strong focus on IT Technology development subsequent to South Africa`s re-entering of the international economy is envisaged as a growth point with job creation and employment opportunities. The qualification creates opportunities for individuals entering the job market in the IT industry as part of this sector

Duration of the Further Education and Training Certificate: Performing Arts course The Further Education and Training Certificate: Performing Arts course is delivered in the following manner:

  • The year is divided into two segments namely; Theoretical and Workplace
  • Attend full-time classes at our campus in Port Elizabeth over a period of 11 weeks
  • And 26 weeks workplace experience
  • You will have access to a computer lab for research purposes.

What are the pre-requisites for the Diploma: Information Technology: Technical course?

In order for you to enroll on this qualification you should be in possession of:

  • A National Senior Certificate or equivalent.
  • ‘Equivalent’ refers to foreign qualifications (these are qualifications that you obtained in a foreign country, and which are evaluated by SAQA to be equivalent to the university entrance qualification of South Africa).
  • A good command of English.

What does the Diploma: Information Technology: Technical course entail?

You will complete the following modules in order to obtain this qualification:

Year 1


Module 1: Business English

Module 2: Business Management 1

Module 3: Computer Literacy

Module 4: Communication

Module 5: Entrepreneurship 1

Module 6: Financial Management

Module 7: Human Orientation

Module 8: Web Design

Module 9: Computer Technology

Module 10: Information Systems

Module 11: Network Support N+

Module 12: PC Support A+


Year 2


Module 1: Business Management 11

Module 2: Entrepreneurship 11

Module 3: Web Design 11

Module 4: Business Networking

Module 5:  Database Analysis and Design

Module 6: INET +

Module 7: Project Management

Module 8: Server Technology

Module 9: Internet Administration

Module 10: Internet and Intranet Security

How is the Diploma: Information Technology: Technical assessed

You will be required to undertake and complete the following per module: (Assignment, Tasks, Research Project and Assessments) as well as a Portfolio of Evidence. Exams will be conducted at the end of each semester.



·         Tasks

·         Assignments

·         Research Project

·         Assessments

·         Portfolio Of Evidence (POE)

·         Site Diary

·         Logbook

·         Portfolio Of Evidence (POE)


Further studies after Diploma: Information Technology: Technical

What is the articulation pathway for me once I have completed this full-time course? In other words, what is the possible next step when I have received this qualification? Once you have obtained this qualification in IT, you have the option of entering the world of work immediately, or other appropriate fields through articulation with other tertiary institutions. You can obtain a degree at any other tertiary institution (university or private university in South Africa).

What are my next steps?

If you require more information before deciding if this is the course for you, or if you would like to find out what other options we have available, please contact our call centre on: • Landline: 041 450 2550, or Mobile: 063 236 0351 • E-mail: educol@iafrica.com If you have decided that this is the course for you, then please… • Complete the application form. • Pay the course fees in full or the deposit required. • Submit all your supporting documentation to prove that you meet the entrance criteria for this course as set out in the pre-requisites above. • Send all of the above documentation to: » educol@iafrica.com We look forward to welcoming you as a student at Ed-U City Campus.