Why Choose Us?

Planning your future, and making dreams come true is only the start at Ed-U City Campus.

In the first place we offer qualifications accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE).

Moreover students can complete their studies in one to three years, and have the option of studying full time or part time.

In addition we have specially designed programmes, and small classes. Students complete a theory component and practical application is achieved through group work, Work Integrated Learning and various fun projects.

In particular these programmes are designed to encourage interaction and provide insight into the working world.

Furthermore our lecturers are qualified, experienced and really care about their students.

Of equal importance is the Ed-U City Campus School of Business. Short learning programmes and Seminars are offered. The School of Business can conduct in-house sessions for companies so that their teams can acquire new skills.

Build a better future for your company by empowering employees through short learning programmes. These programmes range from Event Management to Human Resources Management, and so much more.

Enrol today, and change your future forever!

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