Why Choose Us?

Ed-U College Pre-Primary and Primary school is every child’s dream, and creating little leaders is just the start.

Our schools offer a family-like environment with endless growth opportunities for all little ones. All staff and employees strive to offer a safe, secure and comfortable learning environment for learners.

Our grades offered start with grade R all the way up to grade 7. We also encourage learners to communicate with their teachers and fellow peers, making sure it is the right place for your child to build a foundation for primary school.

In addition the school is registered with the Department of Education, and also focuses on the Early Childhood development phase.  The school also promotes diversity, and this allows learners to unleash their full potential from a young age.

Moreover extra mural activities are offered allowing it be a fun environment for any little leader. These activities include ball skills, cricket, swimming, soccer and music.

Furthermore learners can also participate in cultural activities. These range from an acapella group, drawing classes, literacy hour, spelling bee, choir, music and Mind Sports South Africa.

In conclusion the school also offers aftercare facilities for all grades, Microsoft Imagine Academy, Information Technology IT, along with all the resources you need to shape a child’s future.

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