Passionate about teaching

In wrapping up women’s month this week, Roxanne Stark the deputy principal of Ed-U College, gives insight into her passion for teaching and shares her journey.

Stark currently teaches grade 10 – 12 Mathematical Literacy and Life Sciences, whilst assisting the Executive Principal on a management level. 

In addition Stark obtained her Bachelors in Education at NMU, majoring in Economics and Life Sciences. She started teaching at Ed-U College in February 2013.

She was successfully hired to teach grade 10, 11 and 12 Mathematics Literacy, Grade 8 Social Science and Mathematics.

Stark has also taught a range of subjects at Ed-U College and Ed-U Options Academy.

“I have known I wanted to teach since the age of 10 years, needless to say my old teachers are horrified that I am now a Deputy Principal. I was a rebel at school, and always defended the honour of the delinquents.”

Stark furthermore explains how this has come through in her teaching practice. “I believe in an all-rounded school environment, and I believe that I portray this in my classroom, and the school environment,” she said. 

She went on to say that she has great love for her kids. “As a matter of fact I would do anything for them, and they are my pillars.”

In conclusion when asking how she juggles all of her work responsibilities, she explained how it takes a lot of skill to develop the ability to multi task and give enough attention to every aspect of the job.

“To be a teacher is an art form. Teaching learners something that you love and seeing them understand, and transcribe this into their lives is magical.”

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