Capturing a day of Saturday School

“Saturday School is an enrichment school aimed at assisting learners from grades 1 to 12 develop, and improve their subject achievements,” explains School Principal Rushdien Lagardien.

Lagardien, who graduated with a BA Honors Degree in Psychology started working at Ed-U College in January 2014.

He currently also teaches Dramatic Arts to the grade 10 to 12 learners.

“I started assisting with the running of Saturday School in 2015, and started running it on my own in 2016,” explains Lagardien.

He furthermore says that classes start at 8am and end at 12pm. “And I usually do a walk about to ensure that classes start on time, and that everyone is in place for the start of the day. This is also usually when I show new learners around, and direct them to their classes.”

Moreover he explains that learners attend a 1 hour class per subject that they have registered for. “Learners usually register for a minimum of 2 subjects, but are able to register for a maximum of 4 subjects,” he said.

Classes follow a set timetable. He explains that the timetable does change from time to time during the course of the year. “This would be February to October, as learner numbers grow.”

Saturday school is open through the March and September holidays. “We only close during the June holidays.”

In conclusion, Lagardien explains that learners have test dates on which they write assessment tests. “This is to track their understanding of topics being covered with them in their Saturday classes. Learners also receive feedback reports for their parents, and have a prize giving morning on their last day in October.

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