Secrets to success – 1st in their grade.

A group of high school learners at Ed-U College who came 1st in their grade share how it is always possible to achieve good marks.

Ziyole Adonis, in grade 8, wants to become a Neuroscientist one day. Adonis came first in her grade with an average of 73%. “I thought grade 8 was going to be so difficult, but if you work hard you will see results.”

In addition to hard work, Adonis says asking questions is also very important. “There is no shame in asking for help.”

Sinelizwi Gwebu, in grade 9, also came first in her grade. Gwebu is interested in becoming an Accountant or Doctor one day. “I feel proud of this achievement. And it is because of the support received from our teachers that motivates us to do better,” said Gwebu.

A word of advice given by Gwebu is to study and do revision on a daily basis. “This really helps, and will pay off in the end.”

Lelethu Conjwayo, who came first in grade 10, studies every day. “I always do my homework, and practice using old exam papers.” Conjwayo dreams of one day becoming a Clinical Psychologist.

Sean-Darren Marufu, came first in grade 11, wants to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering. “I do all of my classwork and revision daily. My word of advice to other students would be to think about the bursary.”

Bursaries are awarded annually to the top student in every grade at Ed-U College.

Ishmael Moyo, feels very proud of being 1st in grade 12. Moreover Moyo feels that he has set a good example to other learners. “I want to study medicine one day.” The thing Moyo loves most about Ed-U College are the teachers.

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