Meet our little leaders – 1st in their grade

Big dreams start with little leaders.

“I want to become a surgeon one day when I grow up,” these were the inspiring words of 9 year old Salulewe Stokwe in grade 4 at Ed-U College Primary school. Stokwe came first in her grade with an average of 72%. She further mentions that this is her second time being first in her grade.

Her secret to becoming a little leader is being a consistent hard worker. Furthermore Stokwe said that having the best teachers motivates her class to do better. “I love everything about my school,” she said proudly during an interview.

Alongside her remedy for success comes discipline. “Yes it is possible for any learner to have good marks. But they need to stop making noise in class, and focus on their school work,” said Stokwe.

Another learner who came first in their grade was 11 year old Lingomso Nqodi, in grade 5. Nqodi has held 1st position since grade 1. “I feel wonderful about this achievement.”

Furthermore Nqodi, dreams of one day becoming a doctor. Moreover Nqodi  shared a secret to getting good marks. “Try harder to pursue your dreams.”

12 Year old Lathitha Mzomba in grade 6 also came first in the grade. Together with hard work, she does daily revision of all school work. “I absolutely love my teachers, and all of them contribute to my success,” explained Mzomba.

In conclusion 14 year old Aluta Nkonyane, who also came first in grade 7, spoke about the importance of reading during her interview. “Teachers support and motivate us. Our teachers always encourage reading, and this also helps” explained Nkonyane.

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